Welcome To SSUPhoto

   Dwayne and Sarah Thomas created Snap Shots Unlimited Photography in 2002 just after their daughter was born.  Both were talented artists and grew fond of photographing their own child as well as friends and family.  Dwayne has a design background and was really tech savvy with computer design. Sarah has this amazing passionate eye where she can capture other peoples personality in a natural way. They are a family owned and operated business and after 16 years their daughter is now helping out with the business.  

   Christine is a very close friend who has an unmatched talent for capturing people at their very best.  Christine joins the SSUPhoto team in 2015 and it has been a perfect fit.  

   Sarah, Dwayne, and Christine come together to form an amazing photography team, that creates a fun atmosphere for all of our clients.  Dwayne now runs the photo booth side of the business but is still actively photographing when requested.  

Not every couple that works side by side can say it's always enjoyable, but we truly believe it's a great time to interact with one another and implement ideas together.

  The year 2020 will be our 18th year in business. We have grown into a company that is respected in our field and our experience allows us to be perfectly prepared for your event.         

  We are modern storybook photographers. With two photographers we are able to capture your wedding EXACTLY as it unfolds.  We will arrive while you're getting ready and capture the first kiss on the dance floor because those are the moments that matter. Those are the perfect memories that you can hold close to your heart and hang above your mantle to remember your special day.         

  We want you to enjoy your day and leave the worrying to us. We will work with you to create a personalized package.   You should feel comfortable with the photographers you are trusting to capture these intimate moments, and we pride ourselves in building special, long-lasting relationships, with our customers.  We not only want to be your wedding photographer, but we also want to be the photographer for your new and growing family.   We promise to have our cameras ready to capture all of the moments you will come to cherish for many years to come.

   Our business is growing every day, we now offer photo booths, cinematic video, and design.  By packaging more services together allows you to know you're getting the best all-around team that will be able to work together as one to capture all your special moments.

Let us make your special day end with a smile.

Sincerely, The Thomas Family