Snap Shots Unlimited LLC: Blog en-us Snap Shots Unlimited LLC 2002-2021 [email protected] (Snap Shots Unlimited LLC) Tue, 23 Nov 2021 04:41:00 GMT Tue, 23 Nov 2021 04:41:00 GMT Snap Shots Unlimited LLC: Blog 120 60 Melanie & James are Married! We were so thrilled to be apart of Melanie and Jame's special day. They arrived at Maneeley's Banquet and Catering in South Windsor, CT in the early afternoon to prepare as they were to see each other just before they said "I DO".  Sal Fusco from After Hours DJ Entertainment perform their ceremony as well as their Entertainment for them, and had the privilege of calling them Mr. & Mrs. Cunningham!  Melanie, James and their friends and family all were amazing as the cool New England Air temperatures made everyone huddle close together for some fun times in front of the camera!  The sun went down and they were announced into their reception to dance the night away! 

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Mrandmrsshaffer The Lodge at Crandall Park: Tolland, CT

Michael & Kim Shaffer

March, 17, 2016


     The evening of Saint Patrick's day couldn't had been any more perfect. Surrounding Michael and Kim, as they celebrated their special day together, was their closest friends, and family. They were also joined by their children, who couldn't have been happier for their parents! Seeing the love that filled the room, and to be apart of such a special evening was an honor.

Michael and Kim were high school sweethearts, who found each other again, and are inseparable now! The smiles, and laughter were so contagious!   The plates were overfilled with homemade corned beef and cabbage, pasta, chicken, and vegetables, made by Kim's "soul sister". In traditional St. Patrick's from, glasses were filled with Guinness (a little bit of wine too!).  Kim's daughter and her boyfriend Brett, performed the first dance song, on guitar. The night was simply perfect.

Congratulations Michael and Kim!!! Thank you for allowing me to capture your first moments together as husband and wife! Cheers to many many more memories together!! Here is just a few photos of the evening!!



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Heritage Hotel & Conference Center:Southbury, CT

Amy & Tyler Cote

January 15, 2016


             Today I wanted to share with you a special wedding that we were so lucky to be apart of. Amy and Tyler got married at the Heritage Hotel & Conference Center in Southbury, CT. Even though there was no snow that covered the grounds, it was an absolutely beautiful winter evening. When I arrived, I entered into her suite seeing Amy and her bridesmaids getting their makeup and finishing touches done. I could immediately tell that Amy had selected these girls to be by her side for a number of reasons. Whether it was because they were friends, or family, they were all truly her family in her heart.  The touching moment when Amy's father saw his little girl all dressed up as a Bride, brought tears to my eyes.    The moment Amy & Tyler read their cards that they had picked out for each other both about being "lucky", when they saw each other for the first time, their special vows that they wrote for one another, and their stunning first dance as husband and wife; everyone in the room could feel the outpouring of love between the two of them.  Amy and Tyler's wedding day was one of the most touching wedding's we have witnessed. Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Cote we can't wait to see what the future has in store for the two of you! 






 Amy & Tyler

 Amy & Tyler

 Amy & Tyler  Amy & Tyler  Amy & Tyler

Amy & TylerAmy & Tyler Amy & TylerAmy & Tyler Amy & TylerAmy & Tyler

 Amy & Tyler  Amy & Tyler  Amy & Tyler

 Amy & Tyler

 Amy & Tyler  Amy & Tyler















 Amy & Tyler  Amy & Tyler

 Amy & Tyler  Amy & Tyler  Amy & Tyler  Amy & Tyler  Amy & Tyler  Amy & Tyler  Amy & Tyler  Amy & Tyler  Amy & Tyler  Amy & Tyler

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CJCbridalshowFall2015 As difficult it has been for me.. Sarah... during these past months, for all who don't know I have gone thru multiple surgeries over the past year, I was unable to attend the Western New England Bridal Shows .. my favorite aspect is to meet so many people thru out the day but my favorite is stepping out and photographing their Amazing Runway show, I swear it is the Best Runway Bridal show around!!!! While Dwayne was busy talking and meeting with couples, families, and prospective "family" ...Christine with camera in hand, from Magic Soul Photography, was willing and excited to photograph the show, and we are so so blessed to have her apart of our lives!!!!!! Even though I missed this important show, I was so happy to still be able to live thru it thru the photos she took as I hope you are as well!

For upcoming shows and information please head over to​ 709A6047709A6047 709A6039709A6039

happinessVIP Bride and Groom!!! Michael's Limousine Service transported her to and from the show!VIP Bride and Groom!!! Michael's Limousine Service transported her to and from the show!

Say Hello to the VIP Bride and Groom!!  Michael's Limousine Service transported her to and from the show! Thank you Michael's Limousine Service for being there for this special day as you are for many brides and grooms on their special days!!

Bridal Heirlooms had their one of a kind Bridal Gown Sale!!!!​

709A6059709A6059 709A6065709A6065




The Following is just a few highlights from the amazing showcase of dresses provided by Bridal & Tux Boutique of Greenfield, Ma.

Hair and Makeup were courtesy of Crystal Vazquez & Company


SuperheromenSuperheromen 709A6665709A6665

The "Super Hero's of the Runway show".. You can Always leave it up for these men to make it a fun entertaining show!!!

709A6671709A6671 709A6675709A6675 709A6707709A6707 709A6731709A6731 709A6722709A6722 709A6746709A6746 709A6761709A6761 709A6770709A6770 709A6780709A6780 709A6779709A6779 709A6826709A6826 709A6842709A6842 709A6856709A6856 709A6884709A6884 709A6287709A6287 709A6300709A6300 709A6335709A6335




The amazing crowd as they are pulling all the raffles!!

Congratulations to all the winners!!!





The show was so so so busy, with our own Photograph Booth, and Photo Op Booth was a huge success we thank all the couples who came out to see us!!!

Thank you to Brianna and Melissa for being there working the Photobooth!!!!

Click Below to Check out Our Photobooth Photos that were taken at the show!

img_0015img_0015 img_0030img_0030 img_0034img_0034 img_0038img_0038 img_0055img_0055 img_0089img_0089

And Most of all THANK YOU to Christine of Magic Soul Photography, who has been a huge help while I have been out and will continue to be part of our family in the coming years!


Thank you again for allowing us to photograph this amazing production CJC Events Puts on!


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Mr. and Mrs. Michaud are Married! [email protected] (Snap Shots Unlimited LLC) cabin ct enfield log moments photographer photography shots snap ssuphoto the unlimited vow wedding wow wowthevow Fri, 20 Nov 2015 15:46:14 GMT KJ is 6 months Holiday's are here! We can't believe the holidays are here and time for holiday cards!!Here is just a sampling of his photo shoot the other day!! He is a pro! KJ is now six months old and he is sitting unassisted and such a happy baby boy!!!  CS SB 2Holidays 2015Holidays 2015


Call now to book your family or wee one's photos now!!!

Holiday cards are available to be ordered until December 14th 2015!

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Mr. & Mrs. Schilpp are Married It was a beautiful fall day for Peter and Destiny, to be married at La Bella Vista in Waterbuy, CT 

Peter and Destiny had such a perfect day for their wedding, their closest friends and family showered them with love and support and it was so obvious to see how they are meant to be together. Destiny got ready at her parents house with her closest friends who helped her every step of the way to get into this stunning dress and amazing cowboy boots! Their evening was simply amazing from their wedding vows, the fine details to the absolute amazing food and service that La Bella Vista offers their guests! The father daughter dance left everyone in the room with a tear in their eye when her dad, picked her up and twirled her around like she was still 5 years old! It was an absolute honor to work with such a kind hearted family and tell the story of their wedding day thru photographs.


IMG_3159IMG_3159 IMG_3182IMG_3182 IMG_3213IMG_3213


IMG_3971IMG_3971 FotorCreatedgirlsFotorCreatedgirls IMG_3974IMG_3974 IMG_4006IMG_4006 IMG_4013IMG_4013 IMG_4055IMG_4055





FotorCreatedparentsFotorCreatedparents IMG_3987IMG_3987

IMG_3446IMG_3446 IMG_3589IMG_3589 IMG_3623IMG_3623 IMG_4206IMG_4206 IMG_5052IMG_5052

DJI_0825DJI_0825 IMG_3675-3IMG_3675-3 IMG_3711IMG_3711 IMG_3762IMG_3762 IMG_3766IMG_3766 IMG_3804IMG_3804 IMG_3820IMG_3820 IMG_3856IMG_3856 IMG_3867-2IMG_3867-2 IMG_3884IMG_3884 IMG_3888IMG_3888 IMG_3900IMG_3900 IMG_3914IMG_3914 IMG_3928IMG_3928 IMG_4323 (292)IMG_4323 (292) IMG_4323 (318)IMG_4323 (318)

IMG_4323 (42)IMG_4323 (42) IMG_4358(c)IMG_4358(c) IMG_5052(c)IMG_5052(c) IMG_5102(c)IMG_5102(c) IMG_5364IMG_5364 IMG_5417IMG_5417 IMG_5461IMG_5461 IMG_5487IMG_5487 DJI_0817DJI_0817 DJI_0818DJI_0818




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Welcome Baby Nora Say hello to

 Rachele & Tyler were married July, 9, 2011!


Their love  continued to grow when they introduced Cayden to their family!


 From his first photo shoot, until now, we have witnessed the joy he has brought to his family and everyone around him.  Sweet Baby NoraSweet Baby Nora

​Three years later, they are now introducing Nora.  Cayden is such an amazing big brother, he was so patient and sweet, to his little sister. It was amazing to witness the pure love that he will forever have for his baby sister.  Sweet Baby NoraSweet Baby Nora  Sweet Baby NoraSweet Baby Nora

Sweet Nora was so perfect. We loved all of her little movements. She was so wonderfully alert. 

You can tell Cayden is her biggest fan! 

Sweet Baby Nora loving on her big brother!Sweet Baby Nora

It was such a beautiful fall day. We even got to go outside and get some fresh air!!  

IMG_3536IMG_3536 IMG_3542IMG_3542 IMG_3547IMG_3547 IMG_3584IMG_3584


 We are so so happy for you all! Thank you for letting us be apart of these major life milestones and

continuing to be a part of the SSUPhoto Family after all of these years. 

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Brittany and Matt are Married at The Pavilion on Crystal Lake Brittany and Matt had such a beautiful summer wedding at The Pavilion on Crystal Lake in Middletown, CT.

 Brittany & MattIt's a wonderful Life


Brittany first got ready with her girls.  Her sweet flower girl, had everyone smiling. 


709A3332709A3332 709A3429709A3429 709A3518709A3518 709A3528709A3528 709A3524709A3524 709A3540709A3540 709A3563709A3563





The Best Man waiting with the rings. We were so happy to see this best man! We photographed his wedding as well! 

IMG_0480IMG_0480 IMG_0487IMG_0487 IMG_0514IMG_0514 IMG_0936IMG_0936



IMG_0430IMG_0430 DJI_0036DJI_0036 DJI_0033DJI_0033 DJI_0038DJI_0038 DJI_0065DJI_0065


This venue offers plenty of surroundings for perfect pictures. 


 Walking Down the AisleFather and Daughter

Some of my personal favorite moments, are those between a father and daughter, before he gives her away. 

So much emotion. You can see the joy! 


Matt was waiting patiently as she walked down the aisle to greet him!! I can just feel his excitment thru this photo!  IMG_0610IMG_0610 IMG_0613IMG_0613 IMG_0679IMG_0679

IMG_0759IMG_0759 IMG_0760IMG_0760 IMG_0783IMG_0783 IMG_0850IMG_0850

709A3869709A3869 709A3877709A3877 709A3930709A3930 709A4006709A4006 709A4144-2709A4144-2 709A4184-2709A4184-2 709A4210709A4210 709A4214709A4214 709A4220709A4220




 Walking Down the AisleFather and Daughter  Walking Down the AisleFather and Daughter  Walking Down the AisleFather and Daughter


Oh Yes they did!! Ben & Jerry's Ice cream bar!!!

Congratulations Brittany and Matt we wish you so so much love and happiness.

Thank you to Christine from Magic Soul Photography to step in and photograph in place of me,Sarah, since I've been out. 

I missed one heck of a celebration, but I am grateful to be able to be part of the day, through these wonderful photographs! 





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Brooke High School Senior Photos 2016  

Senior Photos with Brooke, Class of 2016!!!

It was such a perfect afternoon to photograph Brooke at Whickham Park in Manchester, CT. 0006brookesenior20160006brookesenior2016 0005brookesenior20160005brookesenior2016

I seriously can't believe Brooke is a senior already.. these years have gone by way to fast!!

0018brookesenior20160018brookesenior2016 0019brookesenior20160019brookesenior2016 0150brookesenior20160150brookesenior2016





















She brought along her friend Lindsey for some added support and I could not get a photo of them together!!!

0225brookesenior20160225brookesenior2016 0106brookesenior20160106brookesenior2016 0061brookesenior20160061brookesenior2016

Had to take advantage of the beautiful hydrangea's!
0181brookesenior20160181brookesenior2016 0302brookesenior20160302brookesenior2016 0030brookesenior20160030brookesenior2016 0043brookesenior20160043brookesenior2016 0032brookesenior20160032brookesenior2016


0030brookesenior20160030brookesenior2016 0085brookesenior20160085brookesenior2016


















0186brookesenior20160186brookesenior2016 I love this time of year!!


What will Brooke miss most about high school? 

"Seeing and being with her friends on a daily basis, because I feel like after high school I won't see them as much since we are all going to different colleges"

What are your future Plans?

College... I would love to become a social worker and I would love to plan a trip with a few close friends to Spain that would be such an amazing experience and make amazing memories I really hope I can make it happen!!

I know this year you will make this an amazing year thank you for letting us capture your Senior Portraits!!!! 















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Mr. & Mrs. King are Married! On this beautiful Summer day, Alyssa and Billy were married at Twin Hills Country Club in Longmeadow, Mass.



With our Magic Wings, you can see their beautiful landscaping of their grounds! IMG_5569IMG_5569

709A7657709A7657 709A7676709A7676 709A7686709A7686 709A7689709A7689 709A7661709A7661 709A7706709A7706 709A7715709A7715

















The ceremony was picture perfect.  The beautiful white chairs adorned with the flowers, decorated each row. It was so beautiful. IMG_4908IMG_4908

Alyssa and her Mom as they walked down the aisle... IMG_4922IMG_4922 709A7991709A7991 709A7976709A7976 709A7981709A7981 IMG_4961IMG_4961 IMG_4968IMG_4968 IMG_4969IMG_4969 IMG_4970IMG_4970 IMG_4971IMG_4971

MAZEL TOV!!! IMG_4982IMG_4982

I just love to see their friends and family as they see how much they love each other with this simple kiss! 709A8084709A8084

Alyssa with her ladies... I really think these smiles and giggles lasted all night long! 709A8252709A8252

The Bridal Party at its finest... 709A8152709A8152

Alyssa with the "Men" 709A8067709A8067 IMG_5149IMG_5149 IMG_5164IMG_5164 IMG_5167IMG_5167 IMG_5226IMG_5226

Billy with the ladies... IMG_5236IMG_5236

The ultimate ladies man he is...
IMG_5239IMG_5239 I think they got carried away with him in excitment!
IMG_5271IMG_5271 DJI_0302DJI_0302 DJI_0286DJI_0286 DJI_0316DJI_0316 A little higher perspective... and a few of my favorites as I scrolled thru to choose some for this post...

709A8274709A8274 709A8283709A8283 709A8295709A8295 709A8305709A8305 709A8317709A8317 709A8280709A8280 709A8429709A8429

Their first dance as husband and wife I just love this dip!!! 709A8412709A8412 709A8528709A8528 709A8656709A8656 709A8494709A8494 709A8625709A8625 IMG_5764IMG_5764 IMG_5592IMG_5592 IMG_5674IMG_5674


Congratulations Alyssa and Billy we hope you enjoyed some teasers for now!!



Thank you to Christine from Magic Soul Photography to help Dwayne along with their special day!!!



































As the girls all got ready, Alyssa's mom was right by her side to make sure every detail was taken care of.  



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Mr. & Mrs. Steeden are Married! We are so happy to share pictures from the beautiful wedding of Mr. & Mrs. Van Steeden, held at Villa Louisa in Bolton, CT.  

Brittany's dress, shoes, and jewelry were stunning. We loved the burlap basket and pillow too.





I just love this photo, capturing a true still moment in time.


The groomsmen were fantastic and easy going. They were all truly excited to for their friend and brother on his special day. 

They were all such great dancers too! 


Her white and green bouquet was simple, but gorgeous.  It was no match for how amazing she looked though.  

Brittany's makeup was done by Lisa Bifolck @ , and they did an amazing job.      




They stole a little kiss right after they walked back down the aisle, officially as husband and wife. 


Brittany and her beautiful ladies. 


IMG_5617IMG_5617 IMG_5609IMG_5609 IMG_5556IMG_5556 IMG_2339IMG_2339 IMG_2170IMG_2170

Showing off her something blue! IMG_2134IMG_2134 IMG_2120IMG_2120


All of their friends and family gathering around to celebrate their beautiful marriage. 

We were able to capture all of the guests, right after the ceremony, using our magic wings.


Villa Louisa, has a beautiful ceremony area, right on site. A little piece of wedding magic on this late summer day. 

IMG_5550IMG_5550 IMG_5588IMG_5588 FotorCreatedgirlsdancingFotorCreatedgirlsdancing

These sisters were the first ones on the dance floor. They partied all afternoon! 


"Let Love Grow" was tagged on these ultra cool succulents, given as the favor. 

Congratulations Brittany and Michael we wish you nothing but happiness thank you for letting us be apart of your special day!

Thank you to Christine Lavoie of Magic Soul Photography  to  have photographed the beautiful details of the beautiful bride getting ready and the ceremony with Dwayne & our very own Melissa Duenas working together with Dwayne to capture the formals and reception  to make these moments last a lifetime.



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Maneeley's is located in South Windsor, Connecticut, where they have two venues. They are located only within walking distance from one another, but each location has a unique and different feel. The grand ballroom in the front, can accommodate up to 600 guests, but can still be set, to feel warm and cozy, for smaller events.  The Grand Lodge has wooden walls, and exposed beams. It's perfect, barn like feel, is an ideal setting for a rustic wedding or smaller family affair.

 They entire staff is dedicated to making your personal or business affair, go off without a hitch. Their catering is delicious and can be done off site as well.

(We love their Santa's breakfast, which is coming up soon. It's just one of the many events Maneeley's hosts to help the community. This event is used raise funds for Homeless Shelters of Greater Hartford! A perfect time to check out all they have to offer.)

Here is the flyer for their breakfast you can reserve your spot now!!


On September 24th, Bruce Maneeley, was named South Windsor Chamber of Commerce's 2015 Businessperson of the Year! 



It was an honor for us to be a part of celebrating this man, who has contributed so much to the community. We are lucky to call him a friend.


Bruce, couldn't have a better colleaque by his side, Sandy. She keeps all of the events on track, and is a wealth of knowledge when planning any event. Whether  it's being held in one of their beautiful venues, or when customizing an offsite catering menu, she is insanely talented, and will put anyone at ease. bruce00016bruce00016 bruce00009bruce00009 bruce00309bruce00309 bruce00326bruce00326 bruce00329bruce00329 bruce00355bruce00355 bruce00284bruce00284 bruce00368bruce00368 bruce00210bruce00210 bruce00214-2bruce00214-2

Some photos, documenting the evening, of Bruce being a true upstanding man, who has helped many and will continue to help as many as he can.

bruce00039bruce00039 bruce00087bruce00087

bruce00164bruce00164 bruce00444bruce00444 bruce00499bruce00499

  bruce00464bruce00464 bruce00467bruce00467 bruce00488bruce00488 bruce00474bruce00474 bruce00439bruce00439 bruce00431bruce00431 bruce00406bruce00406 bruce00410bruce00410 bruce00427bruce00427 bruce00135bruce00135 bruce00160bruce00160 bruce00060bruce00060

Here are just a few of the amazing people in his life. 

There were so many more "FOB"'s ( Friends of Bruce) that didn't make it over to take a picture with him, but have been there to show their support.


Maneeley's a business that is just more than a business!

To see their current here...

[email protected] (Snap Shots Unlimited LLC) CT Maneeleys SSUPHOTO SnapShotsUnlimited banquets catering chamber commerce corporate events grandballroom lodge of photography rustic south venue windsor Thu, 08 Oct 2015 01:08:32 GMT
Mr. and Mrs. Cheney Aric and Bianca's wedding was picture perfect. Their ceremony was so beautiful and the location they chose for their photos, was so unique. It was somewhere we hadn't been before.  These beautiful grounds were breathtaking.


It was such a beautiful summer day for Bianca ad Aric!

0088gettingready0088gettingready detailsdetails IMG_2438IMG_2438

The details are always my favorite part of a  wedding.  All of these little things, are the big things, that made this day so important.



0266ceremony0266ceremony 0386ceremony0386ceremony

As her dad kissed her, Aric was ready to proclaim his love to her.


Inside St. Joesph's church was beautiful!


Their friends all gathering around ready to celebrate their marriage!! It's always fun to see guests that we've seen at other weddings too!

outsidebiancaoutsidebianca biancaoutbiancaout treeclosetreeclose

 We went to these amazing grounds in Suffield, CT that we just fell in love with! DJI_0302DJI_0302

We use our magic wings for creating different angles and photographing a different perspective of your wedding day. 


As the sun shifted it casted such a beautiful and warm light in the room. 





IMG_2718IMG_2718 IMG_2745IMG_2745

Their first dance was so beautiful it brought tears to our eyes!!! 


The whole night was filled with so much energy and a ton of dancing!! IMG_2638IMG_2638

Aric was feeling on the top of his world right now!!!! 


Congratulations Bianca and Aric! We wish the two of you a lifetime of happiness!

Mr. & Mrs. Roy are Married!!! We still can't believe the day has come and gone. It feels like just yesterday we were in high school together. Years went by and we reconnected and were honored to be apart of their lives to capture their family as it grew with love. 





They chose this perfect location, The Essex Yacht Club, for a intimate wedding where they could celebrate with their closet friends and family. Everything was perfect, from the decor in the room to the blue skies and the special Valentine boat that docked right next to their ceremony site.

FotorCreated (1)FotorCreated (1)

As Nora was getting ready...... Scott was enjoying some time to reflect before he became her husband...... ( I just hope no crumbs were left behind!)


 Big sister Riley and her newest fan Max!!


Liam and Max with The Groom, Scott all awaiting for the Bride!




Larissa Lake Makeup Artist was on hand to do the makeup and hair! 



  I just loved her small details on her dress. The color and the little bling on her shoes was just perfect for Nora!





Riley was so so happy to be with her mom who was her beautiful Cinderalla! 



These three children are what makes their world go around!!! Liam, Riley and Max!!




All of the guests were enamored with this couple. You could feel the love on them! 




These two... created love... these two created life... <3






"Enjoy every sunset. Look forward to every sunrise together side by side"




After Hours DJ Entertainment,  Peter and Polly were their Dj's for the evening. They had everyone on the dance floor which was packed all night long!!

Oh yes.... their cupcake table was just so divine!


Only You Can Give Me That Feeling <3



Thank you to Christine Lavoie from Magic Soul Photography to help photograph on this special day!!!!

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Stacie & Kris are Married From the moment we met these two we knew how much joy and fun they would have on their wedding day. The smiles that just beamed from both of them showed they were so incredibly, happily, in love!  They had their ceremony and reception at Merlot on the Water which is in Broad Brook, CT. Christine, from Magic Soul Photography helped Dwayne create their memories!



709A1327709A1327 709A1338709A1338

The groomsmen hanging in the "Man Cave" At Merlot on the Water with their gifts from Krisl

IMG_9080IMG_9080 709A1495709A1495

All the details that went into their wedding were fantastically done, such as this adorable sign they made to make sure their guests knew it would be heavily photographed! Merlot's cool backsplash made for a great backdrop!



The tables set up so perfectly, awaiting their guests to have a night to remember!


Our own Elegant Cube Photo Station from

IMG_9096IMG_9096 709A1612709A1612

Christine captured Staci in the hallway upstairs in the bridal suite so picture perfect!


There are so many great reasons why to have a first look.  BLOG about why we think you should up next! 




IMG_9110IMG_9110 709A1870709A1870


A few moments Kris and Staci had as he opened up a special gift she had made for him.

709A2030709A2030 709A2032709A2032 709A2062709A2062

One of my favorites that Christine captured!


709A2429709A2429 IMG_9799IMG_9799 IMG_9817IMG_9817


They proclaimed their love for one another in front of their friends and family.. What a beautiful backdrop!


IMG_9484IMG_9484 IMG_9495IMG_9495 IMG_9586IMG_9586 709A2447709A2447

Dj Sal and Dj Sabrina from After Hours Entertainment provided the music for their wedding. There was non-stop dancing as well as this " Bouquet toss "fight". This was such a perfect evening to dance the night away with their amazing music!


709A2695709A2695 709A2544709A2544



The way the inside looks of Merlot with our Elegant photo cube is so beautiful with the simple uplighting the cube creates!




Mr. & Mrs. Fluckiger of a lifetime of happiness and thank you for allowing us to be apart of your special day!!!!


[email protected] (Snap Shots Unlimited LLC) booth broadbrook ct ctweddingphotographer cube elegant enfield merlot merlotonthewater photo photobooth photography ssuphoto ssuphotoop water wedding Wed, 23 Sep 2015 19:15:52 GMT
Eileen and Eric are Married Eileen and Eric were married at a new and exciting location for The Log Cabin in Holyoke Massachusetts, The Upper Vista. The views from this location are stunning, and make for fantastic photos, and truly add something special to every event.  We can't wait to go back! 


They both got ready at the Homewood Suites in Holyoke only minutes away from their venue.  Here's a peek at a little girl time fun! 




Eileen's dress was so elegant.  It was a perfect choice for her. The back was stunning. IMG_4228IMG_4228







The "Men"



The bridal party was ready to help the two unite. You could feel the love and excitement pouring off of them. 

IMG_4529IMG_4529 IMG_4523IMG_4523

The beautiful bridal party on top of the mountain. 


Their Friendship of Love Circle


The Grooms Family 


The Brides Family 

I just love the emotions between their children and their parents, how incredibly happy everyone is!!!
IMG_8899IMG_8899 IMG_8906IMG_8906

Capturing the bridal party at their finest. They were such a fun group to photograph!


Now its time to say "I Do" IMG_9028IMG_9028


As she places the ring on his finger, the joy you can see in each of their faces.... IMG_9047IMG_9047

and with his placement of her ring on her finger they know this commitment has everlasting love!


As they walked away from the cheering and clapping of congratulations!!!


Their first beer as husband and wife!!! IMG_9165IMG_9165


IMG_8910IMG_8910 IMG_9189IMG_9189 IMG_9206IMG_9206 IMG_9208IMG_9208 IMG_9216IMG_9216 IMG_9229IMG_9229


Our ability to take aerial photography, adds a different view, that other photographers can't always capture.  

The entire event captured in just one photograph. 





The reception and it's details were made perfect by the Log Cabin staff, and all of the couples planning. 

Well done! Everyone had such a great time. 


IMG_4764IMG_4764 IMG_5006IMG_5006


The nightlife of Eric and Eileen's wedding!!! Everyone dancing the night away!




[email protected] (Snap Shots Unlimited LLC) CT Cabin Enfield Log Ma Photography SSUPHOTO The Upper Vista Wedding Western wowtheVow Thu, 17 Sep 2015 13:41:35 GMT
Welcome Little Joey Being just a photographer for a family, is easy..ok ok no not easy... :) ... but when your relationship turns to a friendship its something so special that we could never ever take away. We have met so many amazing families throughout this journey and being apart of your lives welcoming children into them and letting us capture those memories not only you can cherish but we can cherish means so so much to us. 


We are so thrilled to be apart of Jenilee and Joe's family since before their wedding day,  July 8, 2012.  Ever since their special day, we have become closer and closer and The Tedesco family just welcomed their third child, a BOY ...Joey to their family!! Juliana and Josie are now big sisters!!!




Even though I ( Sarah ) couldn't be there for the birth of Joey, but Dwayne did an amazing job with the 3 under 4!!! Here are just a few of the images from the session. 




Yes, this sweet little price has arrived, everyone is so happy to see him home and doing amazing!!

Joey's first photos with Mickey, he has no idea what is in store with him and his magical disney trips!! joey00030joey00030

Joey and Mickey taking a nap together- Mickey I think is telling him a goodnight story!



Josie Loving on her baby brother!! joeylogojoeylogo


joeyrockscopylogo-2joeyrockscopylogo-2 joeylogo-2joeylogo-2

[email protected] (Snap Shots Unlimited LLC) CT Connecticut baby milestone newborn snapshots ssuphoto Thu, 10 Sep 2015 12:20:35 GMT
Mr. & Mrs. ODea From the day we met these two we knew how perfect they were together! We had the most amazing day taking their engagement photos and knew how much they just loved one another.  I ( Sarah ) was really sad I could not be there for their day, but knew they were in great hands with Dwayne and Christine Lavoie from Magic Soul Photography. Thank you so much for being a special part of their day!!!


I just opened up a few of their photos to see how perfect Ashely looked and tears started to run down my cheek-  Here they are... Mr. and Mrs. O'Dea.. Congratulations and thank you for letting us be apart of your special day!!



Can't help by smile at this cute little ring bearer!!!  



I had to throw this goofy little photo in because I just knew It made me smile when I saw it!!!

709A0845709A0845 I

These beautiful smiles caught my eye, you can see their love and their happiness between the two of them.



To be playful and happy and to just love one another is just one part of their relationship that will las a lifetime! 709A0927709A0927 709A0931709A0931 709A0985709A0985 709A0985-2709A0985-2

[email protected] (Snap Shots Unlimited LLC) CT Connecticut bridal club country ma oak oakridge photography ridge wedding westeren Sun, 06 Sep 2015 02:25:35 GMT
Baby BBQ  Jenilee's special friends and family came together to put together this amazing afternoon to celebrate their third child.. this one a BOY!!  We were so excited to be able to be apart of their special afternoon! She has some of the bestest friends to be able to make this happen ad we all know what we have to sacrifice to be able to put together a party for our family never mind our friends. 

It was an amazing day for family friends and the kids to celebrate their 3rd baby!!!

I wasn't going to bring my camera but- well, I am so so glad I did :)  


The decorations were so beautiful! 0001babyshower0001babyshower

Lil Joey's new wardrobe! 0002babyshower0002babyshower 0003babyshower0003babyshower 0004babyshower0004babyshower The food everyone made and brought was amazing!! 0007babyshower0007babyshower 0008babyshower0008babyshower 0009babyshower0009babyshower 0010babyshower0010babyshower I hope to be able to photograph him with this cute monster hat on!!!


This special Bbq sauce was amazing and what a unique treat as a gift for everyone!! 0011babyshower0011babyshower 0012babyshower0012babyshower 0014babyshower0014babyshower

Yep special diapers to be used for him ...even Ryan made one :) He thought it was super silly!

0266babyshower0266babyshower 0015babyshower0015babyshower 0017babyshower0017babyshower 0019babyshower0019babyshower 0020babyshower0020babyshower 0021babyshower0021babyshower

Daddy caught her in the knick of time :) 0023babyshower0023babyshower 0024babyshower0024babyshower 0025babyshower0025babyshower

Grandma and Josie taking a stroll.... 0027babyshower0027babyshower 0028babyshower0028babyshower 0029babyshower0029babyshower 0033babyshower0033babyshower 0034babyshower0034babyshower I just Love this hand painted tree that everyone used a stamping ink pad and signed their names. Such a special hanging for his nursery! 0035babyshower0035babyshower 0036babyshower0036babyshower 0037babyshower0037babyshower 0038babyshower0038babyshower 0039babyshower0039babyshower 0041babyshower0041babyshower 0042babyshower0042babyshower 0043babyshower0043babyshower 0044babyshower0044babyshower

The flowers were perfect!! 0048babyshower0048babyshower

Play time!! 0049babyshower0049babyshower 0053babyshower0053babyshower 0055babyshower0055babyshower I just love this sweet photo of them! 0058babyshower-20058babyshower-2

And then the hug got so big they fell over lol  0061babyshower0061babyshower 0064babyshower0064babyshower 0065babyshower0065babyshower 0067babyshower0067babyshower 0068babyshower0068babyshower 0072babyshower0072babyshower 0073babyshower0073babyshower 0074babyshower0074babyshower 0075babyshower0075babyshower 0076babyshower0076babyshower 0077babyshower0077babyshower 0078babyshower0078babyshower You can't catch me!!!I decided to sit down and play duck duck goose with the kids :) It felt good to run and be a kid again!!! 0082babyshower0082babyshower 0083babyshower0083babyshower 0084babyshower0084babyshower 0085babyshower0085babyshower 0086babyshower0086babyshower 0087babyshower0087babyshower 0088babyshower0088babyshower 0089babyshower0089babyshower 0090babyshower0090babyshower 0091babyshower0091babyshower 0092babyshower0092babyshower 0093babyshower0093babyshower 0094babyshower0094babyshower 0096babyshower-20096babyshower-2 0097babyshower0097babyshower 0100babyshower0100babyshower 0106babyshower0106babyshower The older "crew hanging out" 0107babyshower0107babyshower 0108babyshower0108babyshower 0109babyshower0109babyshower 0110babyshower0110babyshower 0113babyshower0113babyshower 0118babyshower0118babyshower 0120babyshower0120babyshower

Gosh I love this litle face!!! 0123babyshower-30123babyshower-3 0123babyshower0123babyshower

 Its time to eat!! 0124babyshower0124babyshower 0125babyshower0125babyshower 0126babyshower0126babyshower 0131babyshower0131babyshower 0133babyshower0133babyshower 0134babyshower0134babyshower 0136babyshower0136babyshower 0137babyshower0137babyshower 0139babyshower0139babyshower 0141babyshower0141babyshower 0143babyshower0143babyshower 0144babyshower0144babyshower 0146babyshower-20146babyshower-2 0147babyshower0147babyshower 0150babyshower0150babyshower 0151babyshower0151babyshower 0152babyshower-20152babyshower-2 0153babyshower0153babyshower 0157babyshower0157babyshower 0161babyshower0161babyshower 0167babyshower0167babyshower 0173babyshower-30173babyshower-3 0174babyshower0174babyshower

Proud Grandpa! 0175babyshower-20175babyshower-2 I think she was ready to take this adorable dress off lol 0177babyshower0177babyshower 0184babyshower0184babyshower Eeek how cute is this little man!! he got a surprise when a water balloon came over to him! 0197babyshower0197babyshower 0199babyshower0199babyshower

And.... Water ballon toss time "DONT BREAK THE WATER" 0201babyshower0201babyshower 0232babyshower0232babyshower 0234babyshower0234babyshower 0235babyshower0235babyshower 0237babyshower0237babyshower 0238babyshower0238babyshower 0239babyshower0239babyshower 0241babyshower0241babyshower 0253babyshower0253babyshower 0255babyshower0255babyshower 0256babyshower0256babyshower 0261babyshower0261babyshower 0265babyshower0265babyshower 0266babyshower0266babyshower 0203babyshower0203babyshower 0205babyshower0205babyshower 0209babyshower0209babyshower 0212babyshower0212babyshower 0213babyshower0213babyshower 0214babyshower0214babyshower 0219babyshower0219babyshower 0223babyshower0223babyshower 0228babyshower0228babyshower 0230babyshower0230babyshower 0231babyshower0231babyshower 0244babyshower0244babyshower 0245babyshower0245babyshower 0246babyshower0246babyshower 0248babyshower0248babyshower 0250babyshower0250babyshower 0252babyshower0252babyshower

[email protected] (Snap Shots Unlimited LLC) Wed, 02 Sep 2015 09:50:57 GMT
Violette Monthly Milestone Oh how I just love sweet little babies! Miss Violette was ready and I was blessed to able to photograph her right before I went into surgery. She has gotten so big in the last month and her sweet facial expressions are amazing. We are so blessed to watch her grow. 

  0007month1vBaby VioletteSweet little Violette 0007month1vBaby VioletteSweet little Violette 0007month1vBaby VioletteSweet little Violette


Yep Spit Happens :) 

0007month1vBaby VioletteSweet little Violette 0007month1vBaby VioletteSweet little Violette 0007month1vBaby VioletteSweet little Violette 0007month1vBaby VioletteSweet little Violette 0007month1vBaby VioletteSweet little Violette 0007month1vBaby VioletteSweet little Violette


[email protected] (Snap Shots Unlimited LLC) babies baby family milestone newborn photography shots snap unlimited Sat, 29 Aug 2015 11:52:06 GMT
Wow the Vow at the Upper Vista-The Log Cabin 0007wowthevow0007wowthevow 0008wowthevow0008wowthevow  What a beautiful evening it was at The Upper Vista at the very top of The Log Cabin in Holoyke ,MA. 

Ever imagine to have your wedding as simple as a backyard event, tented catered, and just a relaxing party to remember for a lifetime? This is the perfect venue for that special day that will provide everything right for you without stressing about the caterer, the bathrooms, the linens, chairs, or even the lighting. Everything is done for you! 

To be apart of this amazing family is so wonderful!!! 

We worked together with the vendors of to present a stunning wedding set up!! The wonderful vendors all worked so great together to put on  this amazing evening. To see all of the vendors who worked together please visit!!! Please don't hesitate to email or call us for any information!  

Here are just a few from our Magic Wings that captured the evening and the wonderful sunset that you can see from up on the top of the mountain! 

Thank you for letting us be apart of this magical evening!!

   0008wowthevow-20008wowthevow-2 0035wowthevow0035wowthevow


The Log Cabin, Durocher FloristJeremy Milligan Wedding GuitaristCJC Event LightingSSUPhoto OPStyles 2 Go with Makeup by AllyMark Henry Florist,  Pearl Bridal BoutiqueBridal HeirloomsMichael's Party Rentals, Dani. Fine Photography and Justices of the Peace Dale Desmarais & Mikki Viereck 

[email protected] (Snap Shots Unlimited LLC) Boutique Bridal CJC Cabin Dale Desmarais Durocher Event Florist Go Guitarist Heirlooms Henry Jeremy Lighting Log Makeup Mark Michael's Mikki Milligan Party Pearl Rental SSUPhoto Styles The Viereck Wedding by dale dani. fine of photography with Sat, 29 Aug 2015 01:14:03 GMT
Isabella's 4 month milestone What I love most is seeing these sweet little babies come into our studio when they are newborns and seeing them change each month they come in for their photos. This little girl is four months old already! She is noticing her surroundings and realizing Dwayne is a funny guy and she SHOULD be laughing as I snap away!

Miss Isabella being so lady like !!

Here are just a few of her amazing blue eyes and her sweet little toes!  IMG_4751  IMG_4751  IMG_4751  IMG_4751

[email protected] (Snap Shots Unlimited LLC) baby ct enfield milestone milestones newborn photography portrait studio Sat, 08 Aug 2015 02:41:53 GMT
Madison is One We had the pleasure of photographing Miss Madison in preparation for her first birthday!! Her mom came prepared with an adorable purple romper and a matching headband with her very own pearls!  Her perfect pink tutu, handcrafted shirt with balloons, and a perfect pink cake were stunning, as we ventured outside for some outdoor photos, Sarah's favorite! She was quite unsure why we wanted her to get messy and would have rather explore around the grass than sit and eat her cake! I love that Grandma came to help and her hugs were the best!  You'd could tell how much she loved Dwayne's funny faces and sounds, as the smiles just kept coming!  Mom was so worried that she only got a 1/2 hour nap during the day but Madison did exceptionally well!  We can't wait to see Madison soon again but for now, enjoy her sweet little self!!! 


Her little Piggy toes to remember!!!


Mommy will always have a helping hand this is only the beginning of her journey!                Thank you again Erica!

[email protected] (Snap Shots Unlimited LLC) birthday cake ct enfield first one party photographers photography photos smash snapshotsunlimited ssuphoto Thu, 06 Aug 2015 03:24:59 GMT
Why Do You Need a Photo Booth at Your Next Event? 1) Pics make the best favor

How many times have you left a wedding with coasters or jordan almonds? It's less than awesome and usually gets thrown away immediately or in a few months after it's collected dust on the top of your dresser.  However, a fun photo that you and your family and friends took, hangs on the fridge or gets posted to social media for lots of people to enjoy.  

2) Get Pictures of All of Your Guests

Almost everyone loves getting in the Photo Booth. We usually are swamped the entire time with guests.  Couples who are dressed up, like getting a picture of themselves, maybe for the first time in years, and then once the party starts, there's so much fun to be had. You can even have your DJ call tables to our booth if you want. Our Open Air Booth can fit 20+ people in one photo! 


3) People do AWESOME things when no one is watching! 

Wait until you see Aunt Milly in a blue wig and a hula skirt, getting a kiss from one of the waitstaff! 


4) Our Green Screen photo booths are unlike anything else your guests have seen

Unlike lots of other Photo Booth companies, we are not a black curtain box, which people have to cram themselves into. Even our elegant  booth surround still allows for people to stand and is also wheel chair accessible! We can create any backdrop you can dream up. We can even use photos of your ceremony site or of you, so every guest can get a picture with the couple!  Have a favorite car? An obsession with old movies?  We can do it all. Just ask!



5) It makes an awesome guestbook

We will gladly print you an extra pic and request that your guests leave you a little note in a scrapbook. Most guest books, go into a box somewhere, until you find it years later, however, these pictures are fun to look at over and over and make for a great coffee table book.

6) Entertainment

Our photo booths are fun for all ages and all personality types. It gives non-dancers something to do and there is always laughter coming from our booths. "This was the best thing I've ever seen at wedding" raved a recent guest. "Our guests were raving about the green screen options. No one had ever seen anything like it!" commented a bride. 

Now is the time to book one of our booths! 

[email protected] (Snap Shots Unlimited LLC) Tue, 04 Aug 2015 13:48:51 GMT
Beach day On August 11 we will be photographing at Harkness state park. This will be the last summer shoot of the year. Cost is ONLY $200 and you receive a cd of all edited images!

This will be a nice time for Family photos, engagemnt photos, maternity photos and more! Also if you wanted to bring your Dog you can.

Please message Us for the Link to sign up! [email protected] A Great Way to Photograph Your family and have Your Holiday Cards all set!! Harkness State Park is Beautiful!!! Garden areas, Beach, and Rocks!!! 0359ethan 0191ethan 0157ethan 0393ethan 0242ethan 0295ethan-2 0133ethan 0021ethan



[email protected] (Snap Shots Unlimited LLC) Sun, 04 Aug 2013 15:45:00 GMT